At Renaissance Clinique we take a completely new approach to Beauty, through Art, Science & Technology. Our dedicated staff strives to provide an integrated approach for optimizing your Face, Figure and skin’s health and appearance. We see many women, and even men, who are distressed by the normal effects of aging on their appearance. They don’t mind getting older; they just don’t want to look “old.” They want to look as young as they feel. Yet, their facial and corporal expression is slowly changing, and not for the better.

Our slogan “Beauty through Art, Science & Technology” reflects our insight, knowledge, skills and ambitions. It is not only our philosophy of work but our belief that nothing less than that suffices. When viewed from this perspective, Face & Figure’s form and structure restoration in combination with Facial skin rejuvenation will be the most important , if not the only, scientific and artistic path towards new beauty.

To achieve structural and superficial rejuvenation to “turn back the clock”, a combination approach utilizing various techniques and procedures are necessary; there is no “one size fits all” solution. Having an intimate knowledge of the aging process and the treatment procedure, and what they can achieve is necessary to provide optimum results. It is not just a matter of treating with invasive surgery, laser, injecting Botox or fillers. The challenge is to consider the changes taking place over the entire anatomic area and apply appropriate treatments that will address the aesthetic needs both on the surface and at the depth.

Deep structural rejuvenation applies the science and technology of modern plastic surgery combined with skills and knowledge of a sculpture to achieve necessary structural restoration. Superficial non invasive or mini invasive treatments apply the sciences of dermatology and biology with advanced technologies such as Laser, light, IPL, Ultrasound, Radiofrequency, Photodynamics, Plasma, biochemistry, cosmetology in order to achieve the superficial enhancements needed to rejuvenate the skin and immediate superficial structures. Apart from the science and technologies involved here, one should be an inspired and talented artist, a painter & Sculpture.

Uniting three pillars of 1) the most advanced techniques and technologies with 2) the Sciences of medicine, dermatology & plastic surgery and 3) Arts of Sculpture and painting make the triangle unity of Beauty possible and prepare for the best static and dynamic results. Restoration of Form and shape or simply creating new forms (Sculpture/Plastic surgery) and enhancing the color, texture and surface quality (Painting/Laser, Aesthetic Waves, Skin technologies) are inseparable parts of a holistic approach toward youth and beauty, our mission and ambitions are to make this not just a possibility, but a reality.

We promote the interdependence of “looking good, feeling good, and ultimately doing good.” We challenge individuals to shower their families, friends and community with the positive energy personal rejuvenation brings into being. We celebrate differences and approach everyone as unique individuals. We endeavor to provide sensitive, comprehensive, and advanced Surgical and non surgical treatments to fulfill the goals and needs of every patient.

At Renaissance Clinique we do not compete . . . We TEACH. We Teach because we are able to learn, we follow constantly all major international developments and events, meet the leaders in the field, communicate with experts, exchange ideas and experiences on daily basis and we are open o introduce the new, without experimenting on patients. We strive to establish excellence in advanced medical & surgical aesthetics and clinical skin care education so you can make the best informed decision and fully participate in your treatment plan. Your satisfaction and safety are our chief concern. We constantly strive to improve the efficacy and safety of cosmetic procedures.