Fractional Micro Plasma Radiofrequency (PMPRF)

The Fractional Micro Plasma Radiofrequency AccentXL, from Alma Lasers is a minimally ablative, fractional radiofrequency (RF) based technology that causes multiple, controlled micro-perforations with a surrounding zone of thermal injury. With this fractional technology, multipleradiofrequency plasma micro-discharges are created in the gap between the applicator and the tissue’s surface – such as the skin’s surface. These discharges are usually channeling-type, in the form of streamers or sparks. Discharge parameters maybe controlled by the amplitude of RF power and application time, thus delivering the RF energy in each discharge to a respective treatment region below the tissue surface and creating a pattern of treated regions.

What is it used for?

AccentXL Fractional Micro Plasma Radiofrequency technology is indicated for skin tightening; skin resurfacing; treatment
of fine lines and wrinkles; improvement of acne scars; stretch marks; chicken pox scars; rejuvenation of photo-aged skin;
combination treatments with other ablative procedures and photo rejuvenation procedures. Alma’s Pixel Micro Plasma Radiofrequency
(PMPRF) technology is incorporated.

In a special unipolar RF based handpiece technology. The RF amplifier delivers RF energy to this pixel handpiece, which can
be equipped with stationary or roller tips. This treatment technique involves contact of the PixelRF applicator with
the skin’s surface using either the IN-Motion technique, with a roller handdpiece or the stationary technique. To achieve an ablative
effect along with a thermal effect for skin tightening

How many treatments?

For optimal improvement, a series of three to five treatments, at four weeks apart has been shown to be most effective,
however, skin will become red or appear sunburned immediately post treatment. Treatment intervals will vary from
patient to patient based on each individual’s healing process and the depth of treatment. Results are both immediate and
progressive, with noticeable, beneficial effects accumulating over one to three months and collagen regeneration continuing
for up to six months.


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LBT Lasers – PixelRF (Accent XL)