Renaissance Clinique Sculptrex
Sculptural Plastic Surgery

Our spectacular panoramic Operation Center, located on the 18th floor in the exclusive Ariadne Hotel overlooking both sea and sky is a plastic surgery facility that offers both outpatient and inpatient surgery surgical care. The facility holds the highest certification level available for a surgical clinic. Here we use the most advanced and cutting-edge technology to ensure the best quality, the highest standard, the best results and optimal patient safety. Furthermore, our patients enjoy the hotel’s best service and have access to the best suites and other facilities. This is the privileged prices.

Here we have combined the knowledge from a wide range of medical experts to create a highly innovative and comprehensive plastic surgery facility. Our custom plastic surgery center offers a full range of aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgery with a focus on face and figurskulpterande treatments / interventions. Again, we have assembled the best technology under one roof, and we have not compromised patient safety, anesthetic equipment, surgical instruments or postoperative care.

Prepare to step into a spectacular setting with the most advanced technology available for your safety. Prepare yourself for a plant with huge operation capacity, but with hotel-environment and service. For, although the center has access to three operating rooms and has the potential to become one of the largest clinics, is our only ambition is to make you the head person at our clinic. You will not feel like one of many patients, but as the only one. Our ambition is far from being one of the largest clinics, on the contrary, we strive to be a clinic with high quality and therefore we prefer to remain personal and individual, with a focus on quality and affordability. “The beautiful is the little”.

Renaissance Clinique Sculptrex
Panorama Plastic Surgery Center
Hotel Ariadne Plan 17
Southern Harbour 37
115 74 Stockholm, Sweden
Phone: 08 66 77 890
Fax: 08 66 77 891
Mobile: 0739 980 900