Renaissance Clinique is an all aesthetic outpatient/ambulatory & inpatient/overnight cosmetic surgery facility that features a full range of cosmetic and aesthetic plastic surgery procedures and clinical skin care treatments. Our Plastic surgeons are board certified by the Swedish National board of welfare and health (Socialstyrelsen), the only board that exclusively certifies in Aesthetic and Reconstructive Plastic surgery. When considering plastic surgery, Cosmetic Dermatology and Aesthetic Laser Surgery,nothing is more important than your safety.

It is our strong belief that although complementary, non-invasive procedures should not be performed at the same facility where invasive surgical procedures take place. Therefore we have chosen to follow the consensus among internationally leading centers and will perform all our invasive procedures only at our plastic surgery center which is located at our Plastic Surgery center at a different address and environment specially designed and constructed by special consults and engineers with long experience in university hospital construction. By the same reason, all non-invasive procedures and treatments will be performed at our highly advanced cosmetic dermatology and aesthetic laser surgery center which is equally designed by the best and equipped with the best to meet the requirements and needs of our patients and visitors of today and tomorrow.

Renaissance Clinique
Aesthetic Laser & Cosmetic Dermatology Center

Our Aesthetic Laser surgery & Cosmetic Dermatology center situated at the prestigious and exclusive address of Strandvägen 15 has figured regularly in architecture and design magazines and is described as one of the most beautiful interior designs in Stockholm. Here we have gathered the most advanced technologies in the field making the center technologically unsurpassable . With the tremendous development going on in the field of aesthetic and medical industry, and with almost daily introduction of new technologies, keeping ourselves up to date and following the cutting edge technoloies is a must for a clinic with ambitions of such dimensions. We are determined to keep this high tech clinic, technologically unsurpassable. Our Doctors follow the development in the field on daily basis, participate regularly in all major international meetings and have regular consultations with leading Doctors,engineers and experts both in Europe and USA inorder to make this a reality, and still more, to make it sure to remin so.

Here we have combined the skills of a wide range of medical experts to create a highly innovative and comprehensive cosmetic surgery facility. Our state-of-the-art outpatient Aesthetic laser and Cosmetic Dermatology center offers a complete range of cosmetic procedures including aesthetic laser surgery and cosmetic dermatology. Aesthetic waves (Laser, Plasma, Ultrasound, Radiofrequency, IPL,…) and Face and Figure Sculpture procedures reconcile and unite the art of painting and sculpture leading to more convenience, and above all providing more options and choices for our patients and last but not least making it more affordable. In addition we have gathered the best qualified personal in the field with continuous education internationally. Further we have done our best to create an aesthetic, relaxing and wellcoming environment where our visitors will feel secure and at home.

Contact Information
Renaissance Clinique
Aesthetic Laser & Cosmetic Dermatology Center
Strandvägen 15
114 56 Stockholm, Sweden
Phone: +46-(0)8-66 70 800
Mobile: + 46-(0)735-366 339

Renaissance Clinique Sculptrex
Sculptural Plastic Surgery

Our spectacular Panorama operation Center located at 18th floor at the very exclusive Ariadne Hotel opening to both sea and sky is a fully accredited facility for outpatient and inpatient plastic surgery and maintains the highest certification for a surgical center. Here we employ the most advanced Cutting edge technologies to assure best quality, highest standards, best results and highest possible patient security. Further, our patients and visitors enjoy the best service from the Hotel and have access to best suits and other facilities in the hotel at privileged prices if they ask for it.

Even here we have combined the skills of a wide range of medical experts to create a highly innovative and comprehensive Plastic surgery facility. Our state-of-the-art plastic surgery center offers a complete range of aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgery procedures with greatest focus on Face and Figure Sculpture procedures. Again we have gathered the best technologies under the same roof, no compromise has been done concerning patient safety, anesthesiology equipments, operation instruments or postoperative care.

Be prepared to step in an spectacular environment of most advanced technologies gathered together for your safety, a facility with a huge operation capacity but with a hotel-like environment and services. Although the center enjoys access to 3 operation rooms and has the potentials to be among the largest ones, our ambition here is to make you the central figure in our clinic, you will not feel as one among many patients, but as the only one. Our ambition is far from being among the largest centers, on the contrary we strive to remain a quality clinic and therefore we prefer to remain private and individual, with focus on quality at reasonable and friendly prices. “Small is Beautiful”.

Contact Information
Renaissance Clinique Sculptrex
Panorama Plastic Surgery Center
Hotel Ariadne Plan 17
Södra Kajen 37
115 74 Stockholm, Sweden
Phone: +46-(0)8 66 77 890
Fax +46-(0)8 66 77 891
Mobile +46-(0)739 980 900