The neck lift procedure’s intentions are to provide a natural, attractive, and more youthful appearance. This surgery produces excellent results and the scars are usually inconspicuous. Recent technical advances have allowed for longer lasting results and increased patient satisfaction with very rare complications.

The operation involves the removal of excess skin and fatty tissue, and then a correction of the droopiness of specific facial and neck muscles. This specific type of surgery has been performed by cosmetic surgeons for many years. Recent advances in surgical technique have significantly improved the results and allowed for the results to last longer.

Many factors affect the aging of facial skin. These include aspects of nature (sun, wind), type of skin (elasticity, thickness), complexion (pale, dark, ruddy), weight alterations, nutrition, smoking and menopause. There is no specific age of a patient for this type of surgery. It needs to be noted that a neck lift cannot remove all wrinkles.

A neck lift does not prevent the aging process; it only removes some of its effect and produces a more youthful appearance. If needed, the procedure can sometimes be done again in order to preserve the rejuvenated look.