The endoscopic mid-face lift, or melopexy, procedure reduces the surgical field through the use of tiny cameras that are placed into the surgical area so that the doctor can view the operation on a monitor. The procedure is typically done for patients who notice some droopiness in their cheek pads, as well as for those who notice a considerable creasing in the nasal-labial folds around the mouth.

The end result is that the aged appearance of the mid-face is reduced and the constant tired look with an overall opening or brightening of the face is eliminated. Additionally, the need for cheek implants will no longer be needed thanks to this operation.

The result is a faster facial procedure with smaller incisions and reduced down time for the patient. Since this is a surgical facial procedure that requires the sutures to be set in place, the recovery time is up to 15 days. However, most swelling reduces in about one week.